Sew Ottawa! Sew-a-long Week 3

Week 3 is already here and you guys are doing so great, I love seeing all your creations every week, the quilts you all create are going to be so stunning and all so different.

How did everyone get along with the new method for constructing your half square triangles? Tania did a great job explaining it didn’t she 🙂

Congratulations to Melanie for winning last weeks prize, generously donated by the Ottawa Sewing Centre!  This weeks prize will be a Fat Quarter bundle of some cute fabrics!

If you are new here (Hi!!) check out here for the starting method to construct an HST or week 2 here to see how to construct them in bulk. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send one of us a message or post on the facebook page.

I have been finding that an image of the finished block helps me in picking my fabrics and colours so lets start there. This block can be a little tricky to lay out so I have left some space in between the squares so you can easily see how each piece should be laid out.


You will need 16 3″ HSTs to complete your 10.5″ block, you are welcome to use whichever method you find easiest. If you have directional fabrics that you would like to keep going in the right direction I do recommend the individual method versus doing them in bulk.

I am not worried about the direction of my fabrics so I have here 2 solid 7″ squares and 2 7″ contrasting prints.



Press all 16 blocks open with the seam to the dark side and lay out your block as shown above. We have had lots of questions about getting points to line up, the best advice I have for this is to pin, sometimes if I am really struggling with something I will pin immediately before and immediately after the seam to stop any shifting. I find when I need something to be really precise in quilting I like to use pins instead of clips.

Here is our finished block for this week, she’s a pretty one! I can’t wait to see what you all do this week!

SO W3-2


Much Love,




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