I have had a number of messages recently about what tools I use when quilting so I thought I would do a really quick post about my go to items.

SO 3-2


Item #1 – Cutting mat. I got this one from Michaels using the 50% off coupon. Most of the local fabric stores and quilting shops carry them as well and have been having great sales lately. I have a 24’x36′ one but unless you are cutting a lot of large items you can definitely get by with a smaller one. This picture is also making me realize my mat needs a good cleaning….

Item #2 – 24″ x 6″ Plexiglass ruler. I am pretty sure I grabbed this one from Michaels as well with a sale coupon. This gets used all the time here and it’s the ruler I most recommend for anyone looking to get their first ruler.

Item #3 – Gypsy Grip. I just got this as a Christmas gift from a sweet friend. She scooped it from Mad About Patchwork. I love it but I do find that since my basement is cold it comes off the ruler frequently. The only work around that I have found is actually having water in the suction things – not a little water, like, I poured water onto them put the ruler on top, flipped it and then locked the clips and it seems to be working. I find it gives good leverage when I am cutting and stops my ruler from slipping when I am cutting.

Item #4 – 6.5″ x 6.5″ ruler – I love this little ruler, it’s the perfect size for so many things and I am loving it for the sew-a-long project when we are squaring up all the little squares. I don’t remember where I got this one but I’m pretty sure it was scooped from a local quilt shop a number of years ago. I see them all the time so they are easily found.

Item #5 – Ever Sewn Mini Gripper – I just scooped this from Fabric Crush and I am loving it. It makes keeping my little ruler from slipping so much easier and I love having the little handle on my ruler.

Item #6 – Rotary cutter – I have gone through a number of rotary cutters just trying to find one I love and this is my favourite. I definitely recommend trying a few different ones before purchasing if it’s possible. Everyone seems to like different ones so you need to find what works best for you. A rotary cutter will make your life so much easier for cutting fabric, it is truly worth the investment. This is the Olfa 45mm one and I am pretty sure I got it from Michaels with the 50% off coupon but they are really reasonable at most fabric stores.

Item #7 – Wonder Clips – I love my wonder clips, the multi coloured ones are from Amazon, I also have the purple ones that are an amazing price but they take FOREVER to arrive, if you aren’t in a rush then I’d definitely recommend them – you can’t go wrong with under $4 for 50 of them – they just might take a few months to get to you. I use pins a lot as well when I am sewing quilting fabric, I find the wonder clips pull on the fabric as its so thin. I tend to use the clips more when I am working on the binding or multiple layers.

Item #8 – Stitch rippers – uhhhhhh these get A LOT of use around these parts. The purple one I have no idea where I got it from but I love it, it’s awesome but its been used so much that it is a little dull and I need a new one. I bought the Tula Pink stitch ripper as a replacement and it makes me all shades of rage-y. It does have a time and place and gets the occasional use but it definitely can’t replace a standard seam ripper.   So if you have a favourite seam ripper, let me know, I’m in the market.

Item #9 – FriXion Pens – these pens weren’t originally designed for fabric but quilters and sewists discovered them and people love them. When you iron on the writing, it disappears which is the appeal for a lot of people. I tend to only use them when it will be an area that you will never see. Apparently when the fabric gets cold the markings will reappear so I would recommend only using where it will be hidden inside a seam. I do love them and they get a lot of use around these parts. They are a pretty good price at staples but a lot of the local fabric shops carry them as well. There is a great write up on them here if you wanted to read more about the disappearing and (possible) reappearing qualities of these pens.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, I hope I answered a few questions for you!

Tania will have some more fun items for you to view in the coming weeks on her blog as well! Quilters love gadgets!

Much Love,



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